The National Tour

Each Age of Agility Summit convenes business, education, and policy leaders for solutions-oriented discussions on aligning education to the future of work. Our goals for each event are three-fold: to engage business leaders and community stakeholders in closing the skills gap for the Age of Agility; to share inspiring stories and promising practices to prepare students for the future, and to encourage participation in the larger conversation to create a more agile education system across the country. The events are designed to generate actionable strategies and tactics to improve and modernize education, training, and workforce preparedness in each state.

Engage Businesses

The tour engages the business community in establishing the need for real-time education policies that are responsive to changing workforce demands.

Crowdsource Solutions

Each event will generate valuable data, insights, and resources from the audience to share with other local partners and participants from across the country.

Empower Local Action

Our goal is to inspire and empower each participant to leave with a personalized plan to take action on improving education and employment pathways locally.

Develop Agile Policies

Following the tour, America Succeeds will introduce new, responsive policy pathways, and help to influence governors’ offices and state policy.

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