Agility Tour Resource Bank

The Age of Agility National Tour engaged stakeholders in a candid dialogue about confronting the challenges and championing the solutions necessary for modernizing the education system to support the future of work. From these conversations, three big ideas for learners, systems, and educators emerged. Together, these ideas lay the foundation for an agile approach to education in the future.

The Agility Resource Bank features the most promising policies to transform education-to-employment pathways around the big ideas. Leveraging collective learning and insight, our goal is to encourage states to embed agility as a core tenet of their education system using these model policies as a guide. Learn more about the big ideas and start exploring the Agility Resource Bank below.

Big Ideas for Education in the Age of Agility


Promising Policies

Colorado Career Development Incentives

Participating districts and schools receive up to $1,000 in incentive funds for each high school student who successfully completes qualified industry credential programs, internships, apprenticeships, or AP courses. Learn More.


Micro-credentialing addresses the shortcomings of traditional professional development by enabling educators to demonstrate what they know, based on skills and practices that lead to increased student achievement. Learn More.

Tennessee Pathways

Tennessee Pathways supports alignment among K-12, postsecondary, and industry to provide students with relevant education and training to jumpstart their postsecondary degrees and credentials. Learn More.