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Agility Thriving Report 2020

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted education – exacerbating many of the existing inequities within our schools. Amidst this incredible uncertainty, we have witnessed school leaders, educators, parents, families, and communities rising to the unprecedented challenge of serving students through an ongoing response. America Succeeds embarked on this research to better understand the role of agility in successful school district responses. This report offers lessons learned and promising practices to help school communities build back to become more resilient, more adaptive, and more agile than before.

Age of Agility Report 2017

The Age of Agility has arrived – technology is rapidly redefining the world we live in. Yet, the U.S. is not well prepared to face the challenges and seize the opportunities it brings. In this report, America Succeeds tells stories and presents data about the seismic shift in the education-to-employment pipeline. We observe how companies are adapting and we provide insights into what educators, students, and current workers must do to remain competitive in the rapidly changing workforce. Finally, we explore how each one of us will have to take ownership of a lifetime of learning—a constant process of retraining and reeducating ourselves as the world around us lurches into the uncertain future.

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