Agility Alliance

Agility Alliance Declaration

The Agility Alliance unites business and education behind a collective commitment to all of America’s students—to create agile and responsive education-to-workforce pathways and opportunities.


The Age of Agility has arrived. Advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and automation are radically reshaping the way we work. Tasks, jobs, companies, and entire industries are being transformed. While some view this rapid change as a threat, others are ready to capitalize on the opportunities this new economy brings. One thing is clear: we must act now to prepare individuals and communities to survive and thrive in the new era. We believe education is the key.


Our vision for education in the Age of Agility empowers students to master the skills and mindset for success in the future. It enables lifelong learners to continuously improve their portfolio of knowledge, abilities, and experiences. It empowers educators to maximize their contributions to the rapidly changing workforce. We envision an agile system that is nimble and responsive to the needs of learners, incenting the development of a diverse array of opportunity pathways with permeability between school and work.


It’s time to join forces to make this vision a reality. The Agility Alliance is comprised of leaders from business, education, government, and advocacy who are committed to modernizing education and workforce training pathways. Join this movement to create agile and responsive education systems and robust and reliable pipelines of talented people ready to confront the future of work.

We, the undersigned, proudly serve as members of the Agility Alliance, to ensure all learners are prepared to succeed in a competitive global economy and contribute to their local community. We are on a mission to:

  1. Embed agility as a core tenet of education systems in every state, as demonstrated by the adoption of state-level policy and strategies to create more agile learners, educators and systems.
  2. Expand pathways and increase access from K-12 to high-quality post-secondary programs and industry credentials to promote the seamless progression from education to career.