JOIN THE ALLIANCE The Agility Alliance unites business and education behind a collective commitment to all of America's students - to create agile and responsive education-to-workforce pathways and opportunities. How do we connect the people
and possibilities? Every organization
becomes a vital link for success - from
our education system, to our
non-profits, to the private sector.
-Chris Winton, FedEx
DOWNLOAD THE REPORT Technology is changing the way we work and the skills we need to thrive. Unfortunately, our schools are behind the curve in preparing students for future success. Can schools adapt for this new Age of Agility? "The single biggest solution to
solving problems in the Age of Agility
is ensuring that educators and
industry are partnering."
-Jody Kent, Universal Technical Institute

This is the Age of Agility

To thrive in the future workforce, both employers and employees need to get comfortable with uncertainty. Rapidly changing technology is shifting the way we work and the skills required to achieve success.

Today’s economy calls for us to embrace flexibility, to commit to a lifetime of learning, and to creatively approach problem-solving. Simply put, today’s economy pushes us to be agile; the economy of the future demands it.

Unfortunately, our education system is behind the curve in preparing students for the new Age of Agility. Without profound and rapid changes to how we educate our children, this nation faces the real possibility of falling behind countries with more nimble and more innovative education systems. It is time for our communities – business leaders, education experts, and policymakers – to confront the skills gap and help reshape education-to-employment pathways. It is going to take all of us, working together, to successfully navigate the future of work.

Age of Agility Initiative

The Age of Agility is an initiative of America Succeeds. This portfolio of work, from the report to the national tour to Agility 2.0, is helping build a more responsive and agile education system across the country.


In the fall of 2017, America Succeeds released Age of Agility: Education Pathways for the Future of Work to call attention to the seismic shifts underway in education-to-employment pathways within today’s competitive global economy.

National Tour

The Age of Agility Tour launched in April 2018. More than 1,200 attendees participated in ten events across the country. Collectively, they represent a national movement of changemakers ready to make a systems-level impact on education.

Agility 2.0

America Succeeds is combining the insights, perspectives, and data from across the tour with our strategic and tactical expertise to maximize the impact of the Age of Agility initiative. We are calling this critical next step Agility 2.0.

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